Sunday, October 22, 2017

SSBLA Rankings. (How they work)

There are 48 players in the SSBLA League. 6 Conferences.
 There are 8 players in each conference.
The rankings are picked and updated every day from the 1-16. It's not like other sports where it's determined by just wins and losses.
 The first and most important thing the rankings board looks Doris what is called " Win Points " Based on who you beat, and how many wins all those players you currently have played have, will add up throuought the season for your win points.
 The next thing they look at is your plus minus. For example, if your net worth from defense vs offense is plus 7, than you will receive that many to your points for the current point in the season.
The next thing they look at and the last thing is offense.
How ever amount of points you have scored on average per game any where from 0.0-5.0 is how many points will be added to your poll.

 Bowl Games.
    There are 12 games played in the regular season, anyone who wins the 7th game going atleast 7-5 will be bowl eligible.
 There are 5 minor bowl games which is all the #7- The #16 Ranked players will face.

Major Bowl games are the SSBLA Playoffs. Their are 5 major bowl games. The quarterfinals, the simifianls, and the national championship.