Monday, December 19, 2016

Hi, My Name's Jeremy

Hello world of the internet. My names Jeremy. I'm here to search for answers. Answers about my self. I am currently 19 years old and live in San Antonio Texas. I work at Furrs buffet.
 I basically have been off the internet for a few years, I used to be on YouTube but due to bullying and family completions I stopped using it. So, instead of using my face and words, I would like to keep my appearance silent and use the keys and writing. As many of my youtubing family new me as a gay person, I'm not sure that that is what I am Looking for as this blogging website goes. It is a part of my life however, but it's not something I want to merely focus on. I strongly believe in God and I know many of you don't, but this is not going to be a Bible thumping Blogging website. So, something I struggle with on a daily basis is me possibly being gay. I want so badly NOT to be gay and believe it is wrong. However, on a daily basis I think to my self, "Damn, that guy is hot". So my question to all you people is, what facts out their tell me that God will love me even if I am gay and even if it is biblically wrong. Because, in my life, I have always found attraction to guys ever since I could remember. And it feels uncontrollable. So, if anyone knows any ways to get rid of homosexual feelings, please let me know. And please don't use the most known way of just, "Keep praying the gay away!", because I have pretty much been doing that for years. But, if someone could let me know with proof that God won't forbid me from the Kingdom of Heaven and He loves me for who I am, than please let me know. I want to post every week, if you guys want to follow me please let me know. I look forward to keep writing. Talk to you guys later.

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